Permanent Make-Up and Microblading


Medical Micropigmentation, or permanent makeup, utilizes tattoos to produce designs that strikingly resemble manually applied makeup! Jennie DiMola is a licensed medical micropigmentation artist as well as a medical aesthetician and member of The American Academy of Micropigmentation. Jennie believes that when you entrust your permanent makeup application to her, you have a distinct advantage over a woman who receives her treatment at the salon. Skilled micropigmentation is a medical procedure; therefore, for optimal safety, the ideal setting is in the office of a medical professional, like that of Jennie. In this day and age, some of us don't have the time nor the desire to undergo a major surgical procedure. We offer other procedures that can help you achieve a healthy, more youthful appearance without the pain, risks or downtime associated with surgery. These procedures are safe, quick, and affordable.


Jennie offers procedures for the brows, eyelids and lips, as well as minor skin pigment treatment. Let her accentuate what you already have -- permanently!


Permanent makeup can be a solution for women who:

  • Have makeup allergies
  • Have impaired vision
  • Suffer from tremors
  • Have mild facial scarring

These challenges shouldn't hinder you from looking your best! Permanent makeup can be helpful to those who:

  • Have limited time for makeup application
  • Are frustrated with "melting" makeup at the gym, beach or pool
  • Have difficulty mastering the look they want every time they apply makeup
  • Are unhappy with the lack of fullness in their brows or lips

After growing up in hers mother's business, Jennie believes that the best way to establish a relationship is with a one-on-one meeting. The details of your procedure will be thoroughly addressed prior to beginning. Procedures will be performed in the comfort of Jennies private and professional office.


Your brows can appear fuller and shapelier with this permanent brow application. Jennie, with brows as her specialty, gladly takes your desired brow shape into consideration before proceeding. If you have thin brows, consider them a thing of the past!


Permanent eye makeup is great for those who prefer to add enhancement and definition to their eyelids on a daily basis. Why bother to apply eyeliner, when you can enjoy a defined look all the time! Your options include: lash enhancement (a thin line along the lashes) and line enhancement (available in several shades).


With permanent lip application, Jennie offers custom shades for your lips! Your permanent lip color will appear as natural as the lipstick you once wore, without the worry of smudging or disappearing! As an artist Jennie is an expert in realistically advising patients on shade choices while considering their personal preferences.

Before & After

before and after example
before and after example