Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Electrolysis Permanent?

Yes it is permanent. Since hair grows in cycles though, electrolysis needs to be done over a period of time for best results.

2. How long does electrolysis take?

This will depend on the area to be done and the amount of hair that need to be removed, your first consultation with me is free and at that time I will be able to estimate how many sessions you'd need.

3. What does Electrolysis feel like?

Thermolysis is heat based, so it feels a little like a burst of heat going onto your Follicle. Most customers feel a slight pinch but little to no discomfort.

4. How will my skin look after Electrolysis?

Everyone will get a slight histaminic reaction which is similar to a tiny mosquito bite, but this is very short-lived.

5. What is the benefit of getting facials?

Routine facials will keep your skin clean and healthy looking. Each facial is tailored to your specific needs!

6. Can I have a facial following Electrolysis?

You can, depending on how much electrolysis was done that day. If not, then you can have a facial 3 days later.

7. What type of peels do you offer?

Microdermabrasion, Glycolic acid peel and salicylic acid acid.

8. What are the difference between these peels?

Microdermabrasion only affects the epidermal layers o f the skin ( the surface layers.) A Glycolic acid peel penetratres to the deeper layers of the skin and works well on every skin type. A Salicylic peel is an oil reducer and pore cleanser but isn't necessarily recommended for all skin types.